Intuitive Readings for Guidance on your path

Good Medicine

If you are feeling discouraged on your path, take a breath, and remember a path of heart often takes courage. An intuitive reading can be a good way to check in with yourself and get grounded. If an intuitive reading is the medicine you are looking for right now and are ready to invest in a reading through email correspondence, please pay below and email with your questions or concerns. Readings are $50.

Remember to include the following information: Name, Date of Birth (for astrological influences), your question or concerns, and if you would like an interactive correspondence. *If you prefer a reading in person, if local, you may also schedule an appointment to meet with me at the café. In the greentime, if you are feeling restless, take heart in your own awareness and be gentle with yourself. Love and light.

Why Tarot?

Imagine Lucy from the Peanuts cartoon in her “for five cents please” booth under the premise she must always tell the utmost truth, as she is ready to give advice, and you will have a basic understanding of how I became a tarot reader. Most of my life I have found myself a keeper of other people’s secrets, and at the same time, intuitively aware of the medicine people need from me when they reveal their concerns. As an empathic and intuit, information is revealed to me through images and feelings when people share their stories with me. So tarot became a natural way to interpret the guidance being revealed. I love the rich images of the Morgan-Greer & Aquarian deck, as well as the Tao Oracle by Ma Dava Padma.

Light Bearers on our Path

Sometimes we need help finding our way back to the Light. I believe many of us feel led to take our turn as light bearers in this world. Some of us express our Light through music, some of us express our Light through art, some of us through cooking, some of us through our writing or our wisdom. You will know good medicine when you receive it, as you will feel a shift in your own consciousness and awareness.

About Mary Burns:

Mary Burns is the owner of Java Cabana, the longest running independent coffeehouse in Memphis. She is also an adjunct English instructor, and a writer, working on a manuscript, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, a series of poems that address those moments in life where we are forced to make a decision or else the decision is made for us. Her poems are often narrated by a speaker who is aware of what they may lose or what they have already lost. She has been published in Kalliope, Pindeldyboz, & Cairn. As an intuitive reader, she has nurtured her gifts for almost twenty years.